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Check out our women’s clothing line for the latest and greatest in plus size clothing. Our current, classic and hot dresses are just what you need to update your wardrobe. Casual or dressy—Target’s got you covered!

Plus size clothing for women

We have a fantastic range of clothing in sizes from 14-32, including the latest fashions in evening and daywear, all at highly competitive prices. Whether you are looking for an elegant dress to wear on a night out or a pair of jeans to mooch around in at the weekends, you will find a great selection from which to choose. High street trends can change almost overnight and we make sure that you can change with them, stocking a wide variety of garments that are sure to get you noticed wherever you go. We are committed to supplying a range of plus size ladies clothing to UK and international customers that is both cheap and stylish. Each season you will find many of the more popular catwalk designs represented in our online store along with an extensive collection of casual wear that will ensure you look fabulous at all times.


For those who believe that no outfit is complete without the right accessories, we have many beautiful scarves, handbags, hats and belts, as well as a great range of gorgeous jewellery. Chunky bracelets, tear drop necklaces and silver filigree hoop earrings can all be found within these pages and complement our plus size clothes perfectly. When you are ready to retire for the night, our great looking lingerie will ensure that you cut a dash in the bedroom too. In fact, no matter what your plans we have the perfect outfit for you and with our affordable prices, you can let yourself go wild without spending a fortune. In summer, winter, autumn and spring, you will find the very best that the season has to offer right here.

Thankfully, that was in the past, back when finding decent stores that carry plus size clothing was impossible. When designers and dress shop owners began to realise the real demand for plus sizes, more and more options became available. Because of this, the big, bold, and beautiful no longer have to shy away from fashion. They can dress themselves fabulously and look absolutely glam!


ThirdLove , a startup application has caused 5.6 million in funds from investors , taking two works by taking pictures of people wearing suits , then create three -dimensional data from two -dimensional images her that he had taken and calculate your exact measurements .

With the guidance of the female voice , this application will then make suggestions about bras and underwear that users should purchase requirement must be suitable as a glove .

This application was created by Dave Spector , a former partner at Sequoia Capital , and Ara Nefian , a senior scientist of Intelligent Robots Group at NASA research centers .

Ara Nefian also explained the professional issues behind this application with website that it " involves a number of solutions to enhance image recognition , simulating the body in 3D , and interact with machines . "

This application can be recorded through the camera parameters , to turn the iPhone into a tool for calculating the standard size . When it was calculated

parameters can then provide measurements accurate predictions of a 3D object - in the case of the human body - using 2D photographs .

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ThirdLove had a " grand plan " for the future and the developer ultimately it also wants to expand its services , including helping users select the appropriate type of clothing .

Tips makeup tool storage new , durable

- Make up a hobby , habit of many girls , but not everyone knows makeup tool storage .

Say goodbye to clutter your drawer and reference the following solutions in order to preserve and maintain the durability of the makeup tools .

Rinse the tank

When you look at the makeup table , you will hardly find the tools you need , so you need to rearrange them to be able to quickly find a lipstick , eyebrow pencil ... you are looking for .

Use the box

This is a great idea and you can take advantage of container frames to organize your makeup neat corner .

Creative arrangement of palm

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You want your loved paintbrush decorated cute and eye-catching . Use a glass and add to that a little colored stones to adorn the palm trees .

Leveraging cabinet door

The hairdressing tools often make your room become indiscriminate . Make the right cabinet and the plastic tube diameter fit your instruments to help tidy the room .

Dedicated Box

You can also invest in instruments makeup a dedicated box . Or you can turn those old suitcase into a dedicated box .

Utilising space

You should take advantage of any gaps that may arrange for neat and tidy items .

hang the bag

Bags like these are suitable for traveling , because you can easily curl up into a suitcase and bags are easy to find .

avoid dust

Makeup brushes are things that you need to ensure hygiene . Store them in airtight as this is also a way to keep brushes clean .

Sort by color

Sort products by category , brand , color as well as how to make your makeup corner come alive .

Paste the name for the product

Many girls also choose to paste the name to bags makeup tools become more eye-catching and easy to see .

The beautiful urn

You do not want to buy the new box , take advantage of the beautiful fashioned after the food has run out .


You own the perfume bottle or paint so cute and you do not want to take them , use trays to showcase their favorite products .